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Dip Into Paradise

Dip Into Paradise Lilikoi Butter 7.5 Ounce Glass Jar

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Dip into Paradise Lilikoi Butter (Passion Fruit) is a delicious combination of lilikoi juice, sugar, eggs, and butter. This lilikoi butter is great to top your plain yogurt in the morning, great on waffles, toast, crackers, and ice cream. Or a delicious topping to your next cheesecake! Made in Hawaii with Aloha ... all natural.

  • Dip into Paradise Lilikoi Butter (Passion Fruit) has a yummy, rich taste of fresh lilikoi finely whipped to a smooth consistency with butter, eggs, and sugar
  • 7.5 Ounce Glass Jar
  • Refrigerate After Opening
  • Ingredients: Sugar, eggs, Passion Fruit Juice (passion fruit concentrate, water), Butter (cream, salt) Contains: Milk, Egg
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