Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee Macadamia Flavor Ground Light Roast 10 oz. Bag

88088 Hawaii Direct


Macadamia flavored LION coffee features lightly roasted coffee beans ground and flavored with delicious macadamia. Once brewed, the coffee has a smooth taste and delightful aroma, sure to entice any coffee lover. This 10-ounce bag of ground coffee will make you feel like you're relaxing on the warm beaches of the Hawaiian coast. Our popular Lion brand flavored coffees are lightly roasted to celebrate each unique Hawaiian flavor infused into your morning cup. Lion brand coffees are allergen-free. Award-winning Lion Coffee creates quality blends using 100% Arabica beans and Hawaii-inspired flavors that make your first cup the closest thing to a morning walk on the beach. One of Americas oldest major coffee companies, Lion Coffee roared to life in 1864 in Toledo, Ohio. After moving to Hawaii in 1979, Lion Coffee quickly became and has remained the favorite local coffee brand. Lion's macadamia flavored ground coffee is manufactured by Hawaii Coffee Company, maker of Royal Kona Coffee and Hawaiian Islands Tea Company.
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